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Project: Silverymoon began in the summer of 2000 as a gathering of fans who felt that Silverymoon deserved to be detailed as much as Calimport, Waterdeep, and others. We worked hard to provide accurate, quality, useful, fun information for players and DMs alike. To a person we are proud of what we have done and happily share it with you.

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We update the site frequently, trying to follow a rough bi-monthly update schedule. If it stretches a little over, don't fret, we haven't left you. We have a busy group of excellent developers working on material as you read, sometimes it just takes a little longer to get something out.

If you think you may be interested in becoming a contributing member to this great project, feel free to email us or visit the Project: Silverymoon Yahoo!Groups site for more info.

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A New Shrine in the Heart of Silverymoon

[Updated 03.06.2006]

This shrine can be found near Moonwalkers Way. Solonor's Square is more than just another, old square.

Download it here in Adobe PDF and learn more!

New shrine: The Icedawn Cave

[Updated 05.04.2006]

In the deep cold of the wild and monster-infested Nether Mountains lies one of Auril's most powerful shrines.

Download it here in Adobe PDF and learn more!

New shrine: Shining Flame of Kossuth

[Updated 17.01.2006]

Learn more about this until-now unknown shrine set somewhere in Silverymoon and its keeper, Corland Deepforge.

Download it here in Adobe PDF and learn more!

New NPC: Cleric of Sharess

[Updated 01.12.05]

Seipora Rein has travelled from exotic Calimshan to Silverymoon - at the behest of her goddess, Sharess. The vision leading her here is as mysterious as the cleric herself...

Download her here in Adobe PDF and learn more!

New ELVEN Festhall!

[Updated 30.10.05]

Verdethaith is a wondrous festhall set in Silverymoon. Ready for your players, "Home of the Eternal Peace" may play an important role in the recent events of elves in the North.

Download it here in Adobe PDF.

Yes, Project: Silverymoon is back again!

Massive Tavern Update!

[Updated 20.04.05]

Want to go wandering the Forest Room, enjoy the beauty of the Garden View Balcony, or perhaps relax in the shades of the 'Treant' itself? Now you can! Download this detailed description of The Treant's Hall in Adobe PDF!

Find your way around with the companion maps - either in color version or in b/w version.

Or want that cool ring of wood shape that Garolen wears? - This one you can download in Adobe PDF too.

New NPC!

[Updated 18.04.05]

Garolen Kamboreon is not only the sad-eyed proprietor of The Treant's Hall - he is also a druid of Silvanus and a man with plans.

Illustrated by Rick!

Download stats, history etc. of this unique NPC today in Adobe PDF!

New Tavern of Silverymoon!

Finally you get a chance to take a look at The Treant's Hall - a tavern unique to Silverymoon.

Download The Treant's Hall today in Adobe PDF!

New Game Rules!

A compilation of magic items from Silverymoon, created just for Project: Silverymoon- recently updated to include more Realmslore!

Download Magic Items of Silverymoon today in Adobe PDF!

Story Update!

Deals & Dangers in Silverymoon, Chapter III: A Business Meeting in the Darkness has been released!

Download today in Adobe PDF! · Read online!

In the works...

What's currently going on with Project: Silverymoon?

· More festhalls, secret societies (yes, they do exist!), colorful persons, shrines etc., etc. coming up!
· Updates to the Netbook to eliminate/explain conflicts with WOTC's The Silver Marches.
· Reformatting of all NPC stat blocks to adhere to the Standard Stat Block Foundation's guidelines.
More Updates
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