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The Complete Netbook
Silverymoon: Gem of the North .pdf

Silverymoon: Gem of the North
(with all updates in seperate .pdfs)

Personalities of Silverymoon
The Shooting Stars .pdf

Prestige Classes
The Silver Wardens .pdf

Temples of the Gem of the North
The Tower of Balance (Mystra) .pdf

Hidden Shrines of Silverymoon
Shrine of Gond .pdf

Shrine of Malar .pdf

Shrine of Shar .pdf

Tarnished Ring

Taverns & Inns
The Treant's Hall (Tavern)

Arcane Lore
Alicorn Lance .pdf

Magic Items of Silverymoon .pdf

Deals & Dangers in Silverymoon
I. A Shady Deal .pdf

II. Random Fighting in the Lower Sundabar Commons .pdf

III. A Business Meeting in the Darkness .pdf

A Note!

[Updated 01.12.2005]

As you can see this very webpage looks rather weird - we are looking into it, but for now you should go to the homepage to download the latest news! (In casu Seipora Rein, cleric of Sharess.) We will put up a new note when this page works properly again. Thanks.

Netbook Updated!

Silverymoon: Gem of the North has been updated with a new layout, new graphics, and all content released since the initial publication!

Download the new netbook today!

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