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Appendix One
University Courses

This section gives an overview of the courses taught in an average quarter at the University. None of these courses represent the curriculum of a specialty college or Foclucan, although certain courses may overlap and students at any of the colleges can take these core courses, though each college has different rules about this.

This list does not provide an exhaustive account, but gives a general guideline for DMs who want to know what types of courses are offered. DMs should feel free to create new courses that fit their campaign or to not use some of the courses listed below.

How to Read Course Entries

Course Title: The name of the course.
Course Description: A general description of what will be learned in the course, including any specific spells or rituals to be focused on.
CR (x): This is the Challenge Rating of the course. An arcane spellcaster can gain experience by taking these courses. In order to gain this experience, the character must succeed at a Knowledge (Arcana) or Spellcraft roll with a DC of 15+the CR of the course. A character may Take 10 on this roll. The skill used for a specific class is shown in parentheses after the CR, with a (K) denoting a Knowledge (Arcana) check and an (S) denoting the use of Spellcraft. The character is awarded XP as if he had defeated a monster of the same CR.
Prerequisites: Advanced and Master level courses often have prerequisite classes. A student must meet all prerequisites before enrolling in a class, or be given a special exemption by the teacher.
Instructors: The names of the most common instructors for the course. Visiting professors and mages often teach courses, but this is determined on a case-by-case basis.
Skills: These are skills that the class focuses on building. A character who has any of the listed skills (other than Knowledge (Arcana) or Spellcraft) may add +2 to his roll when attempting to gain experience for the class. He adds this bonus for each listed skill that he has.
Feats: Students of these courses often go on to take feats related to their track of study. A character who has any of the listed feats may add +2 to his roll when attempting to gain experience for the class. He adds this bonus for each listed feat that he has. Other: Other specific information the course covers, such as spells or class-related abilities.

Essential Studies

Calligraphy & Spell Transcription
An intensive course that teaches the methods of writing down magical formulae neatly and precisely, so that no confusion can occur. Includes techniques for scribing spell scrolls.
CR: 1 (S)
Instructors: Uoundeld
Skills: Profession (Scribe), Spellcraft
Feats: Scribe Scroll

Cognition & Memory
Essential study course involving mnemonic devices and techniques for enhancing the memory, including techniques for preparing spells.
CR: 2 (K)
Instructors: Uoundeld, Resendast
Feats: Spell Mastery
Other: Teaches the wizard to prepare read magic from memory.

A hands-on, intensive course on how to recognize and shape magical energies using the formulae of spells and other rituals. Teaches basic casting of cantrips.
CR: 1 (S)
Instructors: Tantyssa, Resendast
Skills: Knowledge (Arcana), Spellcraft

Ethics of Wizardry
A discussion course that includes instruction in the ways of ethical spellcasting, including Mystran and Azuthan doctrine on the topic. Also analyzes the various ethical standpoints of various wizardly organizations in the Realms, such as the Red Wizards of Thay, with an eye towards understanding the moral implications of unrestrained magical use (and abuse).
CR: 2 (K)
Instructors: Seria
Skills: Knowledge (Religion)

Hands-on activity class that teaches the various methods of meditation and other techniques for achieving the mental clarity necessary to prepare and cast spells. Includes both active and passive meditation techniques.
CR: 1 (K)
Instructors: Seria, Resendast
Skills: Concentration

Scholarly examination of the workings of arcane energies and the interaction of same with the physical world. Includes a small examination of planar theories as well as practical advice on dealing with creatures resistant to magic.
CR: 2 (K)
Instructors: Seria, Resendast
Skills: Knowledge (Arcana), Spellcraft
Feats: Spell Penetration

Practical Spell Component Identification & Care
In-depth study of the care and acquisition of spell components.
CR: 1 (S)
Instructors: Gwyffral Hanyk
Skills: Spellcraft

Spellcrafting Theorums
A study of the variety of methods and techniques involved in crafting spells. Includes lessons on recognizing magical writing and how to craft same, as well as how to recognize spells being cast.
CR: 1 (S)
Instructors: Tantyssa Sortann, Paol Tirin Sionhaehr
Skills: Spellcraft

Summoning & Care of Familiars
Examination of both the methods of calling a familiar and the implications of doing so.
CR: 2 (K)
Instructors: Arneth Gryllian (N Male Human Sor9)
Skills: Knowledge (Arcana)
Other: The wizard learns how to summon a familiar.


Alchemy, Beginning
Laboratory course that teaches the utilization of various alchemical techniques and processes to analyze and refine magical substances as well as the creation of various alchemical items.
CR: 2 (K)
Prerequisites: Laboratory Techniques
Instructors: Gwyffral Hanyk
Skills: Alchemy

Alchemy, Advanced
Laboratory course that teaches the advanced principles of alchemy and magic used in the creation of potions and philters.
CR: 4 (K)
Prerequisites: Beginning Alchemy
Instructors: Gwyffral Hanyk
Skills: Alchemy
Feats: Brew Potion, Skill Focus (Alchemy)

Apothecary Studies
Hands-on techniques for learning the apothecary's trade, including the gathering of fine materials for use as material components.
CR: 3 (K)
Instructors: Fashael Sunspinner
Skills: Profession (Apothecary)

A nighttime course concerning the movements of the stars in the heavens and the magical theories relating to such, including the relating of fortunes and personality patterns.
CR: 1 (K)
Instructors: Rhomtal
Skills: Knowledge (Arcana), Profession (Astrologer)

History & Culture
A detailed analysis and discussion of the impacts of magic and sorcery on the Realms, including past spell creators and magical empires past and present.
CR: 1 (K)
Instructors: Tantyssa Sortann, Rhomtal, Resendast
Skills: Knowledge(Arcana), Knowledge (History)

Laboratory Techniques
Teaches the skilled care and upkeep of laboratories and workshops, in an actual workshop. Includes instructions on how to find the best equipment and the differences between alchemical and arcane workshops.
CR: 2 (K)
Instructors: Gwyffral Hanyk
Skills: Alchemy

Library Techniques
Held in the University Library, this course teaches expedient and efficient research techniques, as well as how best to present information and questions to sages and librarians that they might assist in searches.
CR: 1 (K)
Instructors: Merty the Reader
Skills: Profession (Librarian)

A study of various bodies of literary work, ranging from elven epics to Waterdhavian "copper dreadfuls."
CR: 1 (K)
Instructors: Uoundeld, Vrajk Scorlsun
Skills: Knowledge (Literature)

Music Appreciation
A broad overview of the art of crafting music, including a brief study of the magical properties of sound.
CR: 1 (K)
Instructors: Uoundeld, Evressa Nightingale
Skills: Knowledge (Arcana), Perform

Advanced Studies

Advanced Cognition & Spontaneous Casting
Teaches the spellcaster to transmute the energy of prepared spells into spells that he has mastered.
CR: 6 (S)
Prerequisites: Cognition & Memory
Instructors: Miresk
Feat: Signature Spell

Advanced Enstarment Techniques
Teaches advanced techniques of enstarment (the process of crafting magical items). CR: 6 (K)
Prerequisites: Any other enstarment course.
Instructors: Tygg Adryl
Skills: Craft (varies), Profession (varies)
Feat: Magical Artisan

Componential Compromise
Teaches the spellcaster to overcome normal limitations of spellcasting. This course teaches different material each season (and is not taught during spring). Summer covers the ability to Quicken spells, autumn teaches the student to cast without gesture and winter sees the coverage of casting without sound.
CR: 5 (S)
Instructor: Fashael Sunspinner
Feat: Quicken Spell (summer), Still Spell (autumn), Silent Spell (winter)

Defensive Counterspelling
Teaches the spellcaster about the linkages that exist within spells of the same school of magic and how to draw upon those links in order to counterspell others similar to them.
CR: 5 (S)
Instructor: Uoundeld
Feat: Improved Counterspell

Durative Alteration
This is a series of classes that teach methods for altering and adjusting the duration and time-span of spellwork. Two methods are taught of performing this kind of alteration - one of them teaches techniques to allow the spells to draw upon the Weave for continued energy, doubling its effective duration. The other teaches the spellcaster to set up a loop that delays the final completion of the spell, holding it for a few moments before finishing it. These are taught in alternating seasons.
CR: 4 (S)
Instructor: various, by session
Feat: Extend Spell (summer, winter), Delay Spell (spring, autumn)

Expansive Cohesion
A series of studies into increasing the potential of standard spell formulae. Each season hosts a different topic in the Expansive Cohesion series. Spring hosts the techniques for drastically increasing the sheer power of the spell, summer sees the techniques for altering the incantations in order to increase the spell's range, autumn's course details the methods of heightening a spell and winter's course teaches techniques for pushing spells cast to their maximum potential.
CR: 4 (S)
Instructors: various, by session
Feat: Empower Spell (spring), Enlarge Spell (summer), Heighten Spell (autumn), Maximize Spell (winter)

Familiar Studies, Advanced
Teaches further insight into the nature of the familiar, including the techniques for summoning familiars of a non-standard type.
CR: 4 (K)
Prerequisites: Summoning & Care of Familiars
Instructors: Arneth Gryllian (N Male Human Sor9)
Feat: Improved Familiar

Metallurgical Enstarment
A study of techniques used in researching and crafting metal items such as weaponry and armor, as well as rings. The class focuses on arms and armor for three quarters and rings for one (winter only). Students must meet the appropriate Circle of Mystery spellcasting requirements to take the class. The class culminates in the crafting of an item that the student spends the season researching.
CR: 5 (K)
Prerequisites: Spellcaster Level 4 (Arms & Armor) or Level 11 (Rings)
Instructor: Tygg Adryl
Skills: Craft (Weaponsmith, Armorsmith), Profession (Jeweler)
Feat: Craft Arms & Armor, Forge Ring

General Enstarment
A study of techniques used in researching and crafting myriad items such as cloaks, boots, non-ring jewelry and the like. Students must meet the appropriate Circle of Mystery spellcasting requirements to take the class. The class culminates in the crafting of an item that the student spends the season researching.
CR: 3 (K)
Prerequisites: Spellcaster Level 2 Instructor: Tygg Adryl
Skills: Craft (varies), Profession (varies)
Feat: Craft Wondrous Item

Metaphysical Penetration of Natural Arcane Defenses
Following up on the techniques outlined in the Metaphysics class for piercing the innate defenses some creatures have to spells, this course teaches the spellcaster to pierce those defenses with efficiency and skill.
CR: 5 (K)
Prerequisites: Metaphysics
Instructor: Resendast
Skills: Knowledge (Arcana), Spellcraft
Feat: Greater Spell Penetration

Preparation for Spontaneous Arcanists
Teaches sorcerers and bards how to prepare spells that are altered with metamagic of some kind, in the way a wizard prepares spells.
CR: 3 (S)
Instructor: Reginald Valurian
Feat: Prepare Spell

Sceptral Enstarment
A study of the techniques used in researching and crafting sceptral items - wands, staffs and rods. During seasons in which this class is offered, only one type of item is taught: wands are taught in spring, rods in summer and staffs in autumn. Students must meet the appropriate Circle of Mystery spellcasting requirements to take the class. The class culminates in the crafting of an item that the student spends the season researching.
CR: 5 (K)
Prerequisites: Spellcaster Level 4 (Wands), 8 (Staves), or 11 (Rods)
Instructor: Betynnia of the Staves
Skills: Craft (Sceptres)
Feat: Craft Wand, Craft Rod, Craft Staff

Spell Tactics & Strategy
In-depth study of techniques for casting spells in violent situations. Includes study into use of various spells offensively and defensively, as well as maintaining concentration during stressful situations.
CR: 3 (S)
Prerequisites: Ethics of Wizardry, Meditation
Instructor: Uoundeld
Skills: Concentration
Feat: Combat Casting

Twofold Dweomerweaving
Hands-on examination of the particular properties of arcane energies and how they might be successfully manipulated for a twinned effect when cast.
CR: 4 (S)
Instructor: Miresk
Feat: Twin Spell
Master Studies

Advanced Componential Compromise
This course is only available to those students who have taken the entirety of the Componential Compromise series and demonstrated mastery of those techniques. The Magus Senior arranges for one-on-one study with the student, in order to teach the grueling techniques involved in rendering a spell innate.
CR: 6 (S)
Prerequisites: Componential Compromise (Quicken Spell, Silent Spell, Still Spell)
Instructor: Miresk, Fashael Sunspinner
Feat: Innate Spell

Advanced Durative Alteration
This course is only available to those students who have taken the summer or winter portion of Durative Alteration and demonstrated mastery of those techniques. These techniques teach the spellcaster to extend the duration of certain types of personal spells to a full day, allowing him full access to its powers during that time.
CR: 5 (S)
Prerequisites: Durative Alteration (Extend Spell)
Instructor: Miresk
Feat: Persistent Spell

Linguistic Studies

Language Intensives
Students are immersed in the language of their choice. These courses are so grueling that a student may only take one per quarter, and a maximum of two per year. The following arcane languages can be learned: Draconic, Auld Wyrmish, Thorass, Espruar, Dethek, Netherese, Celestial, and Infernal.
Common languages are not taught in the Lady's College, although Foclucan offers some courses in the more common regional languages of Faerun.
CR: 2 (K)
Instructor: Rhomtal, Resendast
Skill: Speak Language


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