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       ·Early History
       ·Era of the High         Mages
       ·Recent History
     Life in Silverymoon
       ·Other Notables
       ·Adventurers in         Silverymoon
  Tour of the City
  The University
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Chapter One

Metropolis; Pop: 37,073 Silveraen (citizens of Silverymoon)
Gold Piece Limit: 100,000 gp
Total Wealth: 185,365,000 gp
Captain of the Guard: Methrammar Aerasumé (LG male half-elf Ftr12/Wiz8), Shining Guard & General of the Shining Host
Full Time Guards: 370 Knights in Silver, plus 50-75 Shining Host
Conscriptable Individuals: 1,853
Power Centers:
· The Lady Hope Alustriel, a chaotic good wizard who, in addition to being the former High Mage and sitting on the Council of Peers, holds a large amount of influence among all the people in the city, from the highest councilor to the lowliest peasant (Magical);
· The High Mage, a lawful good wizard who by tradition rules the city (Magical);
· The Council of Peers, a neutral good council of representatives that make up the ruling body of the Silver Marches (Conventional);
· The University of Silverymoon, a gathering of magical schools under one aegis that wields much influence in the city (Magical);
Silverymoon, the Gem of the North, is a legendary city skirting the Savage Frontier; a beacon of culture and civilization shining forth from some of Faerun's most dangerous and uncivilized lands. It has recently become the capital of the nation of Luruar, and its former ruler Alustriel Silverhand leads the governing council of the Silver Marches. Its beautiful architecture, ranging from the vaulted steeples of the city's many temples to the gilded domes of the palace itself, draws comparisons to some of the greatest living cities of Faerun, and even to cities long since passed into dust and ruin. Bards from across the continent flock to the University and the newly

reopened Foclucan Conservatory, and the city hosts the Spring Festival, a huge gathering of performers of all types, in the final days of Mirtul each year.


Early History
Originally a holy site dedicated to Mielikki and Lurue the Unicorn, the bend in the river that is now known as Silverymoon was a pilgrimage spot for many of the local tribes of the area. One of these tribes built a wood and rope bridge over the shallower bend in the river used by those tribes to ford the rushing waters of the Rauvin. Eventually that simple span was replaced with a mighty bridge of dwarven stonework. Decorated with stonework unicorns and called Silverymoon Ford in honor of Lurue, this bridge formed the foundation for what would one day become the Moonbridge.

A short time after the building of Silverymoon Ford, a small inn catering to travelers and wayfarers sprung up - the Moonsilver Inn. Slowly but surely, others came to settle in this place until the name Silverymoon referred to the town rather than the bridge that was its center.

According to local legends, Mielikki and Lurue the Unicorn, in the guise of a female ranger and her mount, visited Silverymoon Town. The two goddesses fell in love with the small town and its folk, who sought always to live in accord with nature rather than using it for their own ends. That same legend claims that the goddesses blessed the Moonsilver Inn with their power, promising protection to all folk who kept such goodness in their hearts. Though the Moonsilver Inn has long since fallen, builders seeking to keep the favor of Silverymoon's patrons have since incorporated the stones of its walls into the walls of the city itself.

Era of the High Mages
Silverymoon was ruled in its early years by valiant warriors who kept the folk of the city safe from the dangers that surrounded them. By 637 DR, however, Silverymoon was no longer considered a mere town and it elected Ecamane Truesilver, who sought to turn Silverymoon into the sister civilization of Myth Drannor, as its first High Mage. Under the High Mages, Silverymoon slowly transformed from a trapping, hunting and lumbering community into a place of art, learning and magic.

Silverymoon has been without a High Mage only a few tumultuous times in its history. The most notable of these was caused by the treachery of the warlord Lashtor, who slaughtered every wizard in Silverymoon, razed the Lady's Library (the predecessor to the Vault of the Sages), and burned the Mystran temple to the ground.

The most recent such period occurred in the Year of the Long Watch (1230 DR), when the High Mage Orjalun left the ceremonial symbol of office, the Staff of Silverymoon, in the hands of his apprentice Sepur. Shortly after this the High Mage disappeared, and Sepur revealed his perfidy by raiding the magical treasury of Silverymoon and abandoning the city. Though he is believed to have died shortly thereafter, this did not stop some two dozen mages from vying with one another for the title of High Mage, a contest that slowly grew more heated until open spellbattle broke out in the streets of the city. This event, called Spellsfall, led to the election of a merchant as Silvermayor. Theomel Scalson greatly contributed to the prosperity and growth of the city during his tenure. More importantly, perhaps, he also founded the Spellguard. Despite his accomplishments as Silvermayor, Scalson was deposed by the petty and grasping warlord Khallos, who used the imminent threat of a confederation of orc hordes as a dubious mandate for seizing control of the city.

Khallos proved incapable of defending the walls of Silverymoon, however, and the city was nearly overrun by the orcs. Though the greedy Spellguard captain Shaloss Ethenfrost proclaimed himself High Mage during this siege, it wasn't until Alustriel Silverhand and her sister Storm led a force of Harpers against the orc hordes that the city would be free. After breaking the siege and fortifying the walls, the band gave chase to the orcs while Alustriel entered the city. High Mage Ethenfrost saw this newcomer as a threat to his power and attacked her; so, while Storm and the Harpers fought the Battle of Tumbleskulls against the remnants of the orc hordes, Alustriel fought for her life in a magnificent spellbattle against Ethenfrost and his two apprentices. In the end, Alustriel stood triumphant and the people of Silverymoon unanimously elected her as High Mage in 1235 DR.

Recent History
Alustriel ruled the city fairly and wisely as High Mage until 1369 DR, when a council was convened among the settlements of the North. At the end of a week of discussion, Alustriel was asked to rule the fledgling nation of Luruar, or the Silver Marches.

After a tenday of contemplation, she acquiesced, stepping down as High Mage of Silverymoon so that she would not favor any one city over another in this new alliance. The Staff of Silverymoon was passed to Taern "Thunderspell" Hornblade, the captain of the Spellguard and one of Alustriel's advisors. Taern has proven himself a capable ruler in the years that followed.

The pair both rule from the High Palace - Taern over Silverymoon, and Alustriel over the Silver Marches as a whole. The two are great friends; though the occasional rumors make the rounds about Taern and Alustriel being lovers, nothing concrete is known. It is known that Taern reveres Alustriel in a chivalric fashion; he has done much in the name of his Lady in the past, and will undoubtedly do so again.


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