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Chapter Four
The University of Silverymoon

Silverymoon's new university is the result of the unification of many of the city's magic schools by Lady Alustriel. She envisioned one school where students from across Faerun could be taught the basics of the Art, school specialization, item creation techniques and metamagic theories. She also wanted to provide a haven for like-minded individuals to congregate and share their knowledge and experiences. This was to include natural spellcasters such as sorcerers and bards as well as wizards, and the newly rededicated school of Foclucan was to be an important part of the new University as well.

Although it was dedicated in 1371 DR, the University's foundations lie far in Silverymoon's past. For the first few hundred years of its existence, Silverymoon's mages were taught in the traditional manner: a master would take on an apprentice, sometimes two, and teach them slowly in exchange for their servitude. Sometimes an apprentice would never even get formal training, only gleaning what he could from the experiments and libraries of his master. Soon senior apprentices were allowed to take apprentices of their own, and knowledge trickled down from the top. These were the first "schools" of magic in Silverymoon, although one would hardly think to call them as such.

Soon the idea was taken to the next step, allowing for a hierarchy of apprentices and mentors, all of whom answered to the head of the school. Formal traditions were established and some even built new structures to house their students and equipment. Until recently, nearly all of the schools in Silverymoon followed this method.

The exception was the Lady's College, founded in 821 DR. The Lady's College did not force apprenticeships on its students, instead offering instruction in exchange for service to the city. Its instructors endeavored to teach a more complete vision of the Art, including bardic lore and history. The Lady's College maintained a staff of competent mages who were not necessarily students of the headmaster. This radical departure from the normal method of operation drew the notice of many. It was alternately scorned and praised, but all agreed that the school's alumni turned out to be more than mere wizards - they were true scholars.

Many famous magic schools were founded in the next several hundred years and some exist to this day. Two of the most famous, Arken's Invocatorium and Miresk's School of Thaumaturgy, are now thriving within the University system. In 1371 DR, by edict of the High Mage Alustriel, the University of Silverymoon was founded, using the Lady's College as its basis for education.


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