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  The Spell Lectures

The various colleges of magic in the University sponsor a series of spell lectures throughout the year. These lectures each focus on a single spell and are broken into three categories: Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master. The Apprentice Series teaches 1st-3rd level spells, the Journeyman 4th-6th, and the Master 7th-9th.

These spell lectures constitute a major source of income for the University, as these lectures aren't restricted to students. Many wizards come from as far away as Waterdeep to attend some of the Master series lectures.

Lectures are given either by a guest speaker or by members of the faculty. A faculty member from one of the specialist schools generally delivers the lectures for their school of magic, though spells of the Universal school are considered to be the "Magus Senior Lecture Series."

The University sponsors four lectures per tenday: two Apprentice, one Journeyman and one Master. The DM may choose which spells are being lectured at any given time, or he may roll on Table 4-1 to determine the level of each spell and then roll on the Arcane Spell Scrolls table (Table 8-24, DMG pg. 200-201) to determine the specific spells.

The lectures take a number of days equal to the level of the spell being lectured about. Lectures are not held on the fifth and last day of a tenday, with the exception of the rare lectures on ninth-level spells. These run from the first to the ninth day, a grueling ordeal compared to the other lecture schedules. Lectures are given by faculty or guest speakers of the College of that school of magic; Universal spells are considered to be 'Magus Senior Series Lectures.'

Table 4-1: Spell Lecture Levels
% Roll Apprentice Journeyman Master
01-50 1 4 7
51-75 2 5 8
76-00 3 6 9

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