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The old apprentice-master system that existed before the Lady's College was founded left few options for wizards of moderate power who needed to be taught advanced techniques and knowledge. Similarly, most wizards were from affluent families who could afford for a son or daughter to be away from home for several years. The founding of the University has changed all that. Now, thanks to the pool of talented instructors and regimented learning system, students are free to take courses as they can. This means poor students can attend school between the planting and harvesting seasons, and older mages can take advanced courses by simply paying a fee and showing up at the designated time.

Many wizards from Silverymoon have other careers to pursue: Spellguard, sages, researchers and adventurers all gain benefits from the classes in Silverymoon. Because of this, the University recognizes two types of students: academics and descryants. Academics are full time students who are dedicated to graduating from the University and becoming mages. They must take a total of twelve courses per year, though these courses may be split up among the calendar year as the student chooses. Each course runs for a full seasonThree months, or nine tendays.. Classes take up four days out of the tenday, with a variable spread throughout that time. Some are divided evenly throughout the tenday, while others are lumped into either the first or the second half. Classes are never held on the fifth or tenth day, though research and the rare lecture may occur on these days.

Descryants attend lectures and labs on a sporadic basis, signing up for single classes or lecture series rather than attending the university full time. In truth, most descryants spend most of their time doing outside research as assigned by the instructors in order to fulfill the requirements of the class. Though this method of slap-shod instruction is hardly sufficient to make a full wizard out of the student, those students who take these courses in order to sharpen their already existing abilities swear by it. In order to qualify for descryant status, a student must show existing magical aptitude or plead a special case. The prerequisites are:
Knowledge (Arcana): 4 ranks
Spellcaster Level: 2+


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