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Characters of Silverymoon

The following sections are written in order to give you a decent overview on where your native Silveraen character fits into the "grand scheme of things."

The Races in Silverymoon

All the civilized races of Faerun have found a home in Silverymoon. These races live together within the glittering silver-white walls of the Gem of the North, echoing lost Myth Drannor for their cooperation and peaceful dealings with one another. It is not unheard of to find a small human dwelling at the base of a tree in which sits an elven abode, all above the delve of a dwarven family.

Humans by far make up the majority of the folk in Silverymoon. Many of these humans, however, can trace some measure of elven blood back in their ancestry and most are the descendents of rugged frontiersmen who carved this civilization out of the rough and wild North.

Half-elves are the next most populous folk in Silverymoon, and are not treated with the same disdain or superstitious regard that some places treat those folks who share the elven blood.

Elves and dwarves are present in almost equal numbers. Though many live apart from the general populace (notably the dwarves of Undercity, a small subterranean community of dwarves who defend Silverymoon from Underdark incursions), it is no great wonder to see an elf or dwarf haggling at the market or enjoying a drink at a tavern. Note that most dwarves in the North are shield dwarves; gold dwarves are almost invariably travelers. Likewise, most elves are probably moon, sun or wood elves - the southern wild elves are practically unheard of in these climes.

Halflings make up the next populous race of Silverymoon; they are known for their love of the fine inns and music available in Silverymoon. There are several halfling families to be found within the walls of Silverymoon. Most halflings are lightfoots, though a few stronghearts occasionally find their way this far north.

Gnomes, too, are present in Silverymoon, though in numbers smaller than those of any other races. Gnomes are attracted to Silverymoon for the city's appreciation of fine craftsmanship and a wonder of magic - two things that make any gnome feel at home. Indeed, there are more gnomes in Silverymoon than in all of the other cities in the North combined, save perhaps the rare small gnomish settlements that can be stumbled upon in travels.

Half-orcs are looked upon with some suspicion in Silverymoon - too many folk have had violent dealings with orcs to completely dismiss their fears of those who bear that blood. However, it might also be said that the Silveraen are also more aware of the circumstances surrounding many half-orc births. In either instance, most half-orcs are watched, whether out of suspicion or a half-concealed pity - neither of which particularly endears them to the Silveraen.

Character Classes in Silverymoon

Barbarian: Most of the barbarians of the North are of Uthgardt blood. Although most Uthgardt are human, it isn't unheard of for a young barbarian of the tribes to come forth who bears the blood of orcs or elves in him. Half-orc barbarians may also come from one of the various orc tribes of the region. Wood elven and some half-elven barbarians tend to come from the deeps of the High Forest. Most folk scoff at the idea of halfling or gnomish barbarians, but rumors of barbaric dwarves deep within the mountains of the Spine of the World are too numerous and similar to completely discount.

Bard: In many ways, Silverymoon is the City of Bards. There is a vast profusion of bards and bardic traditions to be found here, from the warrior-skalds of the Northmen to the finely perfumed operaic performers in the Sembian tradition. All of the races have their own bardic traditions. Elven harpists and spellsingers, dwarven chanters, halfling whistlers, gnomish pipers, and half-orc battle-dirgists are all found here mingling with bards of every stripe.

Bard is a Preferred Class of Silverymoon.

Cleric: By the High Mage's Edict of Faith, no church may operate within Silverymoon that seeks to discredit or disrupt another. Furthermore, no temple exists that harms others as part of its sacred rites. The patron goddesses of Silverymoon are Mielikki, Lurue (who is worshipped in Mielikki's groves and from whom the city of Silverymoon and the nation of Luruar both gain their names), Mystra, Selūne and Sehanine Moonbow (of the elven Seldarine pantheon). Silverymoon also has temples dedicated to Helm, Milil and Oghma, Shiallia, Silvanus, Sune, Tymora, the dwarven Mordinsamman and the rest of the elven Seldarine. The Lords of the Golden Hills (gnomish pantheon) and Yondalla's Children (the halfling pantheon) are also well represented in the homes and shrines of their respective folk. There are also rumors of Dark Ladies who celebrate their goddess, Eilistraee, under the moonlight in the wilds around Silverymoon. Cleric is a Preferred Class of Silverymoon, so long as that cleric worships one of the following gods: Deneir, Eilistraee, Lurue, Mielikki, Milil, Mystra, Oghma, Silvanus, the dwarven pantheon, the elven pantheon, the gnomish pantheon and the halfling pantheon.

Druid: Surrounded as it is by some of the oldest forests on Faerun, it is only natural that Silverymoon should produce those folk who find their inspiration and hope in nature and its gods. For many years, the closest circle of druids was the Circle of Silver, a druidic group based out of the Moonwood. Recently, however, survivors of the Circle stumbled into the city, delirious from wounds and fever, babbling of were-creatures who invaded their woodland homes and slew their faithful. Several Moonknights were sent into the wood to investigate and have since found a name for this cabal of lycanthropes - the People of the Black Blood.

Fighter: Life is dangerous in the North. Even in the Gem of the North, no one is unaware of the dangers that lie just beyond the protection of the walls and the High Mage's watchful eye. Many Silveraen learn the arts of battle in order to protect themselves from those dangers. These individuals often make a living from what they have learned, whether as caravan guards, city guards or adventurers.

Monk: The miles of open wilderness and many hidden valleys and forest glens around Silverymoon provide ample space for monks of all kinds, from the reclusive Clan of the Inner Spirit to the wandering monks of the Earthen Fist. The Earthen Fist have a monastery at the base of the Nether Mountains on the western end of Silverymoon Pass, but there are only a dozen or so monks there at any one time. They believe themselves the guardians of peasant communities of the Silver Marches and sometimes resent powerful cities such as Silverymoon and Everlund, who they see as isolationist power centers that do little for the surrounding peoples.

Monk is a Preferred Class of Silverymoon.

Paladin: Wherever danger threatens the lives of ordinary people daily paladins are likely to crop up. Silverymoon is no different. Paladins of Helm are arguably the most common in the city, though any of the appropriately aligned gods may count a paladin or two among their followers and servants.

Paladin is a Preferred Class of Silverymoon.

Ranger: The North is a dangerous place, as any Silveraen can tell you. For most folk, these dangers are a nebulous "other" - most people simply know that there are hazards beyond the walls and in the wilds. Rangers, however, know these dangers intimately. Indeed, they seek them out, seeking to lessen the danger that the average person faces when travelling the backroads of the North. Most rangers of the area have a special enmity with the multitude of orcs that infest the Silver Marches. Recently many of them have been studying the habits of giants and shapeshifters in addition, due to the recent immigration of such creatures to the Moonwood and the Evermoors.

Ranger is a Preferred Class of Silverymoon.

Rogue: The laws of Silverymoon are very strict when it comes to theft, therefore rogues that stay in the area must be very careful when plying their trade. Silveraen work very hard for what they have and there is little sympathy for those who would seek to deprive them of it. As a result, many rogues in Silverymoon aren't burglars, but professional adventurers, scouts, guides (in the city or out of it) and con men.

Sorcerer: The sorcerers of Silverymoon have integrated well into the academic atmosphere that seems to pervade the arcane community of the city. Indeed, the Lady's College, part of the University of Silverymoon, boasts an extraordinary number of sorcerers among its students. Rather than the standard arcane memorization and other academics favored by the other parts of the University, the Lady's College assists sorcerers in exploring their own innate links to the Weave, teaching them mastery of the self while giving them a community of like individuals from which to learn.

Sorcerer is a Preferred Class of Silverymoon.

Wizard: To many people outside of the Silver Marches, the city of Silverymoon is a city of wizards. Though it has a long tradition of bardcraft, it is the powerful and mysterious magic of the city that impresses most commoners and nobles alike. In recent times the Lady Hope Alustriel, herself a wizard of great power, founded the University of Silverymoon, further solidifying the city's image as a capitol of the arcane arts. Combining all of the city's schools of magic into a single, unified institution, her goal was to further the studies of magic and to provide a broader and more complete base of learning than any other such establishment on Faerun. It would appear that, outside of perhaps Thay or Halruaa, she may do just that.

Wizard is a Preferred Class of Silverymoon.

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