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  Tour of the City
     Goodman's District
       ·Bright Blade         Brandished
       ·Hammer and the         Helm
       ·Beggar's Alley
       ·Dekalb's Fine         Wares
     Hunter's District
       ·Treant's Hall
       ·Wynderfayne's         Wonderful         Wynds
     Old City
       ·Maiden's Crossing
       ·Four Corner         Square
       ·The Docks
       ·The Moonbridge
     New City
       ·Mielikki's Glade
       ·Vault of the         Sages
       ·Arken's         Invocatorium
       ·The Shining Scroll
       ·Lady's College
       ·Miresk's School of         Thaumaturgy
     Palace District
       ·High Palace
       ·The Market
       ·Utramm's         Conservatory
       ·The Star Court
     City Defenses
  The University
  New Game Rules
  Prestige Classes
     Appendix I
     Appendix II
     Appendix III
Chapter Two
Tour of the City

Silverymoon, the Gem of the North, is a legendary city skirting the Savage Frontier; a beacon of culture and civilization shining forth from some of Faerun's most dangerous and uncivilized lands. It has recently become the capital of the nation of Luruar, and its former ruler Alustriel Silverhand leads the governing council of the Silver Marches. Its beautiful architecture, ranging from the vaulted steeples of the city's many temples to the gilded domes of the palace itself, draws comparisons to some of the greatest living cities of Faerun, and even to cities long since passed into dust and ruin. Bards from across the continent flock to the University and the newly reopened Foclucan Conservatory, and the city hosts the Spring Festival, a huge gathering of performers of all types, in the final days of Mirtul each year.

Goodman's District
The Goodman's District tends to attract the city's rougher elements - most of the city's poor live here, and the buildings are more ramshackle than those in the rest of the city. The name is a source of amusement to more refined citizens, and much like the Hunter's District it no longer reflects the character of its inhabitants. Despite this, the Goodman's District is hardly the typical slum that so many large cities seem to develop. For all their seeming poverty, the folk of the Goodman's District take pride in keeping their streets clean and there is rarely, if ever, unchecked violence -- for the Knights in Silver are always in attendance here, especially at the guard-post in the Moorgate.

Bright Blade Brandished
This tavern is favored by adventurers because of its tolerance of the strange conditions and company that they often find themselves in. Service is attentive without being intrusive. None of the workers bother the patrons, but will gladly see to any requests no matter how strange. Because of the diverse clientele, the workers are accustomed to odd requests and mannerisms, and look upon these with nothing more than professional concern. They are aided by resident wizards, who use magical items with telekinesis abilities to whisk drinks to and from the thirsty over the heads of folk, and to snatch away suddenly drawn weapons or spoil spellcasting before trouble can get properly underway. The main taproom is modestly furnished, though more comfortable booths are available in curtained off alcoves ringing the tavern. These alcoves also serve as convenient meeting places for those who would conduct their business out of sight and earshot of the other patrons. There is a small stage in one corner, but it is rarely used.

The serving maids are very good listeners and often have a great deal of information about goings on in the city. A visitor seeking information or "special order" items would do well to make this their first stop. Conveniently located in the poorer section of town, the Bright Blade Brandished is an excellent place to make underworld contacts or hire adventurers.

Hammer and the Helm
This tavern was established by Ethendal Arohannon (NG male human Ftr6) as a meeting place for off duty Knights in Silver. It quickly became popular as a stopover for paladins and good-natured warriors of all types. The patrons love to swap stories of past prowess, hear tales from outside the city from passing adventurers or just complain about the previous day's duties. Monks and militant clerics of many faiths like to join in on occasion as well. The warriors accept them as brothers in arms but love to harass them just the same. Tests of strength and prowess are common in the tavern. Fighting is not allowed and disagreements rarely degenerate into such.

The rowdy and course nature of the place is quite suitable to dwarven and human temperament, and these make up the majority of the tavern's patrons. Bards entertain here often, and they come to hear stories and tales as much as to sing them.

Beggar's Alley
Made up of several alleys and buildings despite its name, this notorious section of the Goodman's District is home to the city's thieves guild. All manner of unscrupulous characters can be found lounging about in Atenman's Billiard Hall or gambling on the street. Adventurers that need to make quick, quiet transactions or discover information not available to the general populace should look here first. They would do well, however, to watch their backs when dealing with those in Beggar's Alley.

Dekalb's Fine Wares
Often jokingly called "Dekalb's Fine Spares", this would-be outfitters shop and general store is not much more than a second hand shop. Stocked mainly from battlefield scavengings and left over gear from overloaded adventurers, one rarely finds quality items in the front of the shop.

In reality, though, Dekalb is a collector of antiques and historic items and relics. Someone searching for lore on a lost item would do well to visit Dekalb if they can identify him as a knowledgeable collector. Bards around the city tell tales of lost artifacts and adventurers describe in painstaking detail the loot they collected on their latest journeys, so Dekalb has no shortage of leads to follow. He pays local youth to slink about the city collecting stories and information of this sort, and indiscreet adventurers may find themselves the targets of his acquisitive obsession. On the other hand, anyone asking about for information about lost or historic items may receive a note from an anonymous benefactor, giving them clues as to the last known whereabouts of interesting pieces. In this way, Dekalb is able to maintain his low profile and insure a steady flow of interesting bits into the city.


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