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  Tour of the City
     Goodman's District
       ·Bright Blade         Brandished
       ·Hammer and the         Helm
       ·Beggar's Alley
       ·Dekalb's Fine         Wares
     Hunter's District
       ·Treant's Hall
       ·Wynderfayne's         Wonderful         Wynds
     Old City
       ·Maiden's Crossing
       ·Four Corner         Square
       ·The Docks
       ·The Moonbridge
     New City
       ·Mielikki's Glade
       ·Vault of the         Sages
       ·Arken's         Invocatorium
       ·The Shining Scroll
       ·Lady's College
       ·Miresk's School of         Thaumaturgy
     Palace District
       ·High Palace
       ·The Market
       ·Utramm's         Conservatory
       ·The Star Court
     City Defenses
  The University
  New Game Rules
  Prestige Classes
     Appendix I
     Appendix II
     Appendix III
  City Defenses
The first line of defense for the mighty city of Silverymoon is her wall. Massive constructs of Silverymoon's ubiquitous silvery-white stone, the walls of Silverymoon have only been breached three times in the history of the city. Four gates pierce the walls: the Hunter's Gate in the north, the eastern Sundabar Gate, the New Gate in the south and the Moorgate in the west.

Local legends have it that these gates are protected by a variety of wards; some claim that they detect and identify sources of evil and malice, while others whisper that these spells limit the magics that can be worked near them. What is certainly known is that the areas around these gates radiate strong Abjurative auras and those who examine them too closely bring themselves under the scrutiny of the Spellguard.

The fair city of Silverymoon spans the River Rauvin and the main thoroughfare between the Old and New Cities is also one of its best defenses. The Moonbridge, as it is known, is a span of invisible, magical force that arches above the Rauvin. In times of need the middle of the bridge can be dispelled, preventing invaders from crossing or enabling ships with tall masts to pass easily beneath.

The defenses of Silverymoon do not begin at her gates, however. The Knights in Silver, accompanied by two Spellguard battle-mages and a volunteer cleric (usually of Helm, Lathander or Mystra) venture forth, patrolling all lands within three days' ride of Silverymoon. These patrols, often called "land-rides", were once far more extensive, but have been scaled back thanks to the formation of the Shining Host, who ride the wilds between the settlements of the Silver Marches. The Knights in Silver and Spellguard now tend to limit themselves to the area directly around Silverymoon.

Ultimately, though, the defenses of Silverymoon lie in her inhabitants. In addition to Silverymoon's potent standing army, the city is home to many powerful individuals, any of whom bear powerful magic, great strength or prodigious skill. All stand ready to bear all of that and more - down even perhaps to their lives - in defense of their precious Gem of the North.


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