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  Tour of the City
     Goodman's District
       ·Bright Blade         Brandished
       ·Hammer and the         Helm
       ·Beggar's Alley
       ·Dekalb's Fine         Wares
     Hunter's District
       ·Treant's Hall
       ·Wynderfayne's         Wonderful         Wynds
     Old City
       ·Maiden's Crossing
       ·Four Corner         Square
       ·The Docks
       ·The Moonbridge
     New City
       ·Mielikki's Glade
       ·Vault of the         Sages
       ·Arken's         Invocatorium
       ·The Shining Scroll
       ·Lady's College
       ·Miresk's School of         Thaumaturgy
     Palace District
       ·High Palace
       ·The Market
       ·Utramm's         Conservatory
       ·The Star Court
     City Defenses
  The University
  New Game Rules
  Prestige Classes
     Appendix I
     Appendix II
     Appendix III
  Hunter's District
The Hunter's District could very well be the working class district of any large city, save for the singular architecture and glittering white stone that Silverymoon is famed for. Though a bit more crowded and hectic, the Hunter's District is similar to the Old City - the folk here are simple, happy people who are appreciative of one another and the good lives that their hard work brings.

Treant's Hall
Five interconnected buildings in the shape of a pentagon form the structure of this popular tavern. The central area is an open yard filled with several varieties of trees, including a few rare specimens of chime oak from the starwood of Cormanthor. Rangers and druids find themselves at home here and can always be found here in great numbers. Elves also favor this tavern above most because of its ambience and a menu featuring many elven dishes, such as the delicious Neverwinter soup that has made the place a culinary attraction. Another specialty is the silver milk, a blend of milk and silver honey from enchanted bees that are housed in a secret apiary on the outskirts of the city.

The tavern takes its name from a gigantic oak in the center of the yard. Grinning bards will tell you that this is indeed an ancient treant, given to long periods of hibernation, who gathers information from the guests that congregate in the yard. While this is not true, the owner of the establishment, Garolen the Sad Eyed (NG human male Drd5 of Silvanus), will give a hearty laugh and conspiratorial wink to any who mention the legend in his presence.

In recent weeks, one of the buildings has been closed down and construction has begun inside, though the final result of all the work remains a mystery. Breon Blackbeard has been seen coming in and out of the construction site lately, and many are wondering about the one-eyed dwarven merchant's interest in the project.

This parchment shop sells a variety of both magical and non-magical writings and accessories. The proprietor, an eccentric half-elf named Luscor, is obsessed with finding new inks and dyes used in the creation of magical scrolls. Located just inside the Hunter's District and facing the Market, the Scriptorium does a brisk business year round, and much of the University's faculty buys exclusively from this shop. Underneath a trapdoor in the shop's back room is the secret meeting place for the Readers of Infinity.

The Readers of Infinity are an elite group of students within the University of Silverymoon. Their bizarre club started only months ago with three naive students and one terrified faculty member. They believe in a conspiracy called "Rune's Twist" or "The Reverse Freeze". Apparently, Library Master Menry the Reader came across a startling series of coincidences when reviewing several histories of Faerun that he was trying to classify. He is now convinced that there is a malicious group from the future plotting to take over all of Faerun from the past. He believes that history is changing and that the end is near unless he can do something about it. The group has grown in the last four years and there are now over a dozen students and librarians involved, as well as Luscor himself.

Wynderfayne's Wonderful Wynds
The cheerful gnome, Thaddeus Wynderfayne (CG male gnome Exp8), sells a vast array of instruments to the bards and musicians of Silverymoon. Although he is known for the incredible quality of his handcrafted wind instruments, he also carries brass and percussion from his cousin's store in Waterdeep. A clangletrombenhorn adorns the window in front of his shop. This peculiar gnomish instrument resembles a French horn in shape but has valves and keys like a trombone. It is nearly impossible for anyone larger than a gnome to play because the valves and keys have to be manipulated with several body parts simultaneously. Thankfully, Thaddeus rarely dusts it off to play.

This popular dwarven tavern is evident only by a small entrance structure, which conceals stairs leading to an underground cavern. Visiting dwarves are immediately pointed in this direction and word of its hospitality has spread throughout Faerun by wandering shield dwarves of the North. Dwarves unfamiliar or unknown in the Underhome can introduce themselves by way of this tavern, gaining contacts and introductions to the stout folk who live underneath Silverymoon.

A Thur-dek, a large acoustic cavern favored by dwarven chanters and drummers, sits just off the large common room and performances are frequent. The natural acoustics of the cavern are enhanced with the grim stone visages of dwarven heroes that have been carved into the walls. Those who have never experienced a dwarven drum recital are in for a long, and sometimes headache inducing, evening of storytelling and sound.


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