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  Tour of the City
     Goodman's District
       ·Bright Blade         Brandished
       ·Hammer and the         Helm
       ·Beggar's Alley
       ·Dekalb's Fine         Wares
     Hunter's District
       ·Treant's Hall
       ·Wynderfayne's         Wonderful         Wynds
     Old City
       ·Maiden's Crossing
       ·Four Corner         Square
       ·The Docks
       ·The Moonbridge
     New City
       ·Mielikki's Glade
       ·Vault of the         Sages
       ·Arken's         Invocatorium
       ·The Shining Scroll
       ·Lady's College
       ·Miresk's School of         Thaumaturgy
     Palace District
       ·High Palace
       ·The Market
       ·Utramm's         Conservatory
       ·The Star Court
     City Defenses
  The University
  New Game Rules
  Prestige Classes
     Appendix I
     Appendix II
     Appendix III
  Old City
The north bank of the Rauvin hosts the larger segment of the city, containing the Old City, a quarter that was once the sum total of the city as well as those areas that have sprung up around it. The Old City, like much of Silverymoon, is resplendent with curving, graceful stonework in the spectacular white granite and marble that seems to glitter under the stars, taken from the quarries near the Nether Mountains. Most of the buildings in the Old City are fairly venerable, some of them even dating back to the city's founding.

The Old City is known for its relaxed, scenic atmosphere - the bards who choose to play in public here are likely doing so simply to relax and entertain, rather than to garner pay. The chances of the folk of Old City allowing the bard to go without some kind of monetary appreciation is simply unheard of, however. Children run and play in the wide, clean streets and the shops here are likely to be the shops of genuine artisans and master craftsmen.

Maiden's Crossing
This shrine to Selūne is set on the banks of the Rauvin and is one of the most visited spots in the city. It sits adjacent to the Moonbridge and as the bridge itself begins to glow under the moon, stained glass murals alight with dancing patterns of color. It is said that drinking tidewater here during the full moon will cure the drinker of
lycanthropyThe drinker is entitled to a new saving throw against the affliction with a DC of 20. If successful, the drinker is cured of lycanthropy..

Four Corner Square
A small square nestled inside a ring of shops and houses, Four Corner Square is one of Silverymoon's best kept secrets. Bards and entertainers of all kinds can be found here at any time of the day or evening, plying their trade to an appreciative local crowd. There are four small stage areas set up here and it is from these that the square draws its name.

Chellios the Entertainer (CG male human Brd4/Com3) has been telling stories and performing minor magics here for almost fifty years, and he is beloved by almost all Silveraen. He has seen many things in his years here, but his only joy lies in the delight he sees on the faces of the children he entertains with his stories. Chellios cares little for money, but he is still willing to give aid in the form of information to those with good intentions.

The Docks
Unlike the dock district in most cities, Silverymoon's docks are fairly well kept and devoid of criminal activity. Although the usual ruffians and scoundrels may work the docks, they prefer to slink away to the Goodman's District and its more suitable environs after the day is done. Though extremely large ships do not sail this far into the Rauvin, travelers of all sorts can find transportation here. Pontoon caravans (groups of up to a dozen small boats lashed together with a barge in the middle filled with goods) are quite common on this part of the river and a boat full of adventurers is almost always welcome on such trips. Small boats can also be bought for a reasonable price.

The Moonbridge
This famous span connects the New City with the rest of Silverymoon. It is composed entirely of magical energy akin to a wall of force, and is similarly indestructible. The bridge is almost completely invisible by day (Spot DC 25) but at night it shimmers with a silvery translucence under the light of the moon.

In times of need the middle of the bridge can be dispelled, preventing invaders from crossing or enabling ships with tall masts to pass easily beneath. There are only three known methods for effecting this defense: a mental command given by Lady Alustriel, the command of the wielder of the Staff of Silverymoon (currently Taern Hornblade), or the will of the Watch Captain stationed at the bridge's northern base. The Watch Captain is empowered thusly by a special ward token that he keeps on his person at all times.


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