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Chapter Three

Silverymoon is home to several unique groups and factions dedicated to different causes. In addition, many of the better-known organizations such as the Zhentarim and Harpers have a strong, if hidden, presence in and around the fair city. Most of the organizations enjoy their public personas, however, and they benefit from the strong presence of heroic peoples in the region.

The following information outlines several of the important organizations found in Silverymoon and the Silver Marches. Information on some groups, such as the People of the Black Blood, can be found in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting published by Wizards of the Coast.

The Knights in Silver
The Knights in Silver are the permanent guardians of Silverymoon, often encountered riding patrol within the city and its environs. Around seven hundred strong, they received their name from a ballad penned by Mintiper Moonsilver - as with many phrases around the Realms first spoken by the Lunargent Bard, the name simply "seemed right."

The Knights in Silver are known for their sparkling armor, firm discipline on and off the field of battle, and their poise and decorum. The Knights in Silver are practically a fairy-tale army, with their reputation for being dashing, chivalrous men and witty, beautiful women. Though certain individuals do not always uphold this lofty reputation, as a whole the Knights take pride in it and there is strong pressure from within the ranks to maintain this image.

The Shining Host
With the formation of Luruar, Silverymoon donated half of its Knights in Silver to form the core of the Shining Host, the standing army for the Silver Marches. Their numbers were augmented by units provided by the other settlements of the Silver Marches, until the Shining Host became the force to be reckoned with that it is today.

The Shining Host is currently comprised of dwarven infantry, elite cabals of defender-mages, units of ranger-scouts, archers, and silver-clad cavalry. Equipped with the finest arms and armor, they are prepared to defend any and all of the settlements that make up the Silver Marches. Magical means of communication (and transport, according to some whispers) allow for the speedy distribution and reallocation of troops, ensuring that no one settlement becomes the target of aggression from invaders, barbarians or orc hordes.

The Order of Moonknights
The Order of Moonknights is a lay order of fighters, warriors, rangers and militant clerics who act as the defensive arm of the Selūnite faith. They are the sworn enemies of the People of the Black Blood, a group of Malarite lycanthropes that prowl the Moonwood. They also act as scouts and guides around Silverymoon and into the interior of the Silver Marches.

The order is headquartered in the Maiden's Hall, a barracks style building on the grounds of the Temple of the Silver Stars. Moonlord Seamus Beįl (NG human male Ftr4/Rgr7/Mkn5) oversees the order from this building and acts as an ambassador for the Moonmaiden at parties and court events in Silverymoon. He works very closely with the clergy of the temple to provide protection for travelling priests and manage the constant influx of funds from the activities of the knights.

The Circle of Silver
The Circle of Silver is an alliance of druidic groves in the Moonlands. Founded in the Year of the Harp (1355 DR) by the Argent Watchers, the Circle of Silver has grown to include druids of many faiths and races. The elven and half-elven Leaflord's Host, the Crimson Grove of the Moonwood, the Keepers of the Silverglen in Silverymoon and the halfling Warren Wardens all count themselves as members of the Circle, as do a number of individual and solitary druids in the areas around the Moonlands. The Circle of Silver works closely with the Heralds and the Harpers; indeed, several members of the Circle are known to wear Harper pins beneath their robes.

The membership of the Circle has recently been decimated by ruthless attacks from a group of evil Malar-worshipping lycanthropes calling themselves the People of the Black Blood. The surviving druids have retreated from the Moonwood to regroup. Rangers and others are petitioning the High Mage for assistance in dealing with this new threat, though Taern has not answered their call as yet.

The Silver Wardens
The Silver Wardens are a small force of rangers and scouts who use their tracking and wilderness skills on behalf of the Knights in Silver when the situation calls for it. Truth be told, many of the Silver Wardens are also Harpers, though they are expected to put their loyalty to the Wardens, the Lady and Silverymoon above that of their Harper duties. The Silver Wardens number between two and three dozen members at any one time.

The Wardens have established several waypoints along the roads of the Silver Marches and when the Knights have need of their services they leave encoded messages in secret compartments at these sites. Most rangers in the area will be aware of these waypoints (though not the secret compartments) and know that they are excellent places to replenish urgently needed supplies or rest for the evening.

The Spellguard is an elite cadre of spellcasters some twenty to thirty in number. Though originally founded as Alustriel's palace guard, their duties have gradually expanded over the years, and now include peacekeeping within Silverymoon's walls (a vital necessity, given the number of mages who dwell within). Though they have always rushed to defend the city when the situation warranted it, it wasn't until very recently that they began working closely with the Knights in Silver. Two members of the Spellguard now accompany each patrol of Knights that rides forth from the city.

Many of the Spellguard serve Alustriel as part of an arrangement with the Lady's College in which promising students who couldn't afford to attend the College on their own were often given training in return for an equal amount of time served with the Spellguard. Alustriel intends to see that this trend continues with the new University of Silverymoon.


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