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  Tour of the City
     Goodman's District
       ·Bright Blade         Brandished
       ·Hammer and the         Helm
       ·Beggar's Alley
       ·Dekalb's Fine         Wares
     Hunter's District
       ·Treant's Hall
       ·Wynderfayne's         Wonderful         Wynds
     Old City
       ·Maiden's Crossing
       ·Four Corner         Square
       ·The Docks
       ·The Moonbridge
     New City
       ·Mielikki's Glade
       ·Vault of the         Sages
       ·Arken's         Invocatorium
       ·The Shining Scroll
       ·Lady's College
       ·Miresk's School of         Thaumaturgy
     Palace District
       ·High Palace
       ·The Market
       ·Utramm's         Conservatory
       ·The Star Court
     City Defenses
  The University
  New Game Rules
  Prestige Classes
     Appendix I
     Appendix II
     Appendix III
  Palace District
The eastern portion of the city is the Palace District. Separated from the rest of the city by the Market, the Palace District is, along with the New City, the place for the rich and noble. The sights that greet a visitor to this splendid area are worth seeing, to be sure. Finely dressed nobility seeking to out-do one another in gentility, wit and fashion, powerful mages and respected priests walking side-by-side, or the Shining Host or Knights in Silver riding by, reassuring their charges of their vigilance and protection.

Upon the hill that dominates the Palace District, and thus, all of Silverymoon, sits the High Palace, which sets the standard for all the architecture in the area. Sweeping archways, intricate sculpture and glittering white stonework abound. Illuminating residences with continual flame spells has become all the fashion, following fast on the heels of the leaded, stained glass windows that seem to be everywhere these days. The Palace District is home to the temples of the city, lending a reverent air to the sometimes overwhelmingly decadence that nobles tend to bring.

High Palace
This incredible castle of white marble is the most impressive sight in Silverymoon, and it dominates a low hill just east of the market. Rearing unicorns and beautiful maidens adorn the walls of the castle and its tallest spire sparkles under the light of the moon. Grassy fields surround it on all sides, and pools of fresh water burst in patterns at regular intervals. These fields are a favorite place for picnics during the spring and summer, and brightly colored tents can be found here during the city's festivals.

This building is the capitol of both Silverymoon as well as the Silver Marches, and the annual gathering of the Council of Peers is held here in late summer. It is the most heavily protected fortress in the North and its walls have never been breached. In addition to housing the Spellguard and the High Guard, the palace's private force, the interior of the building is protected by powerful wards. Only the bearer of a special ward token can cast spells within its walls, and magic items fail to function as well.

The dungeon levels beneath the High Palace are steeped in local legend and fabled lore. The first few levels hold prisons, wine cellars, private libraries, and other closely guarded areas. Below that is rumored to be the Crypt of the High Mages, the final resting-place of the great rulers of the past. These famed rulers do indeed lie beneath the High Palace, though their remains have been turned to stone and guarded with powerful wards to prevent their rest from being disturbed. Below these levels lie the private library and treasure chamber of Lady Alustriel herself. The High Mage's Vault is known to exist by only a half dozen people and contains the largest collection of Netherese and Myth Drannan artifacts in the known world, many of which came from the ruins of Hellgate Keep, which Lady Alustriel helped to destroy. The magical caches of each High Mage are stored here as well.

In order to accommodate the new division of rulership, the High Palace is currently undergoing an expansion. Part of the eastern wall of the city has been knocked down and master architects are supervising the beginning of the expansion. Part of the garrison has also been moved outside the city temporarily, this to provide space for the raw materials used in the addition's construction as well as to defend the breached wall. Famed Silveraen architect Vallis Hornblade (CG human male Exp9) has been tapped to lead this project and he has called in resources from as far away as Amn. Dwarven miners are busy constructing the basement and sub-basement rooms, though this project is hushed for security reasons. The expansion should be done by late next year and the official celebration is scheduled for the opening of the Spring Faire of 1374 DR.

The Market
The market of Silverymoon is the most diverse commercial district in the North outside of Waterdeep. Merchants of many races freely interact in the splendid environment of the Palace District, and goods both mundane and magical are bought and sold each day. This is an excellent place for adventurers to unload their excess treasure as well as hear rumors from the far ends of Faerun. Visitors are well advised to spend their electrum moons here, as they lose much of their value if taken out of the city. Merchants will always try to swap moons for other coins here, as they know it encourages the coin to be spent in their shops and those of their neighbors, sometimes even giving favorable trade rates to adventurers with large sums of gold and silver brought from recent exploits.

Utramm's Conservatory
Utramm's is a traditional music school that teaches the children of Silverymoon to play instruments, sing and compose music. Unlike Foclucan, no magic is taught here as Utramm is only concerned with music, not bardcraft. Many students of Foclucan start here and then move on to the bard's college to enhance their education.

The building housing the conservatory is a spectacular site for those visiting the city. Inspired by the syl-pasha's palace in Calimport, the building is made of golden stone, painted with a finish that makes it shine like metal. Flanking the entrance are two columns, each covered in thin, brightly colored brass plates. The process used to create these brass plates gives them the appearance of stained glass. These are also placed around the walls on thin rods, allowing them to spin when the wind blows. All in all, this is one of the most colorful and exotic attractions in Silverymoon, if not a bit out of place.

The Star Court
While the High Mage receives and entertains visitors in the High Palace, all lower court functions and assemblies take place in this rather nondescript building in the shadow of that great structure. It is here that new residents of the city must give their names for the public record. Petitions for land, the establishment of safe magic zones and permanent effects, and trade agreements are given here as well. Right now the Star Court serves this function for the nation of Luruar and all the Silver Marches, but the new annex to the High Palace will take over for this as soon as it is complete.


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