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  University Training

Learning the Art in a structured environment gives natural advantages to spellcasters lucky enough to engage in such activities. The nature, length, and content of the coursework determines its cost and benefits. For a list of sample classes available to academics and descryants, see Appendix I.

Academic Enrollment- Academics sign up for two years of general studies training before they make the choice to stay on at the Lady's College or move into a specialist's school. They are required to set their course schedules for each quarter by the midpoint of the current quarter, and they can pay out the annual fee over the course of 12 months. The school will not draw out the debt any longer than this.

Academic enrollment is not necessary to take individual courses or attend spell lectures as a descryant.
Duration- one year, broken into four terms, or seasons
Cost: 1800gp/year

University Housing: One of the benefits of bringing schools together into a University is centralization of the student body. Students are given the option of living in dormitory style quarters (actually an old garrison house) and eating at the school.
Cost: 200gp/year

Admittance to Specialist College: In addition to skills testing each student who wants to join a specialist college after their 2nd year must pay a fee to join the school.
Cost: 500gp

Circle of Mystery Training: When a character gains access to a new spell level, he may take this training to enhance his understanding of the more powerful magics involved.
Duration: 1week/caster level
Cost: 50gp/week

Skill Training: In its quest to produce scholars and well-rounded mages, the University offers courses designed to teach a variety of mundane skills that are necessary and useful to spellcasters. These courses can be taken at any time and require the student to do almost all study on his own, with materials and a curriculum provided by the school.
Duration: (current rank¸four) weeks, minimum one week
Cost: 50gp/week

Feat Training: The combined experience of the University's faculty can be used to speed the process of learning for its students. Learning extraordinary skills and abilities becomes a matter of expectation rather than fortune.
Duration: two weeks + one week/prerequisite level for the feat, minimum four weeks
Cost: 50gp/week

Learning Spells: Sometimes a wizard simply wants to learn new spells and add them to his spellbook. In conjunction with the Tower of Balance and the Vault of the Sages, the University offers training in new spells through their Spell Lecture Series.
Benefit: A wizard who attends a spell lecture automatically succeeds at all Spellcraft checks associated with learning a new spell and copying it into his spellbook. In addition, the spell is copied during the course and it therefore takes no additional time to add it to the book.
Note: the wizard must still provide the special materials at a cost of 100gp per page. Duration: one day/spell level
Cost: see Table 4-2

Table 4-2 Spell Lecture Costs
Level Cost
1 25 gp
2 100 gp
3 225 gp
4 400 gp
5 625 gp
6 900 gp
7 1225 gp
8 1600 gp
9 2025 gp

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