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  Colleges of the University
The University of Silverymoon is made up of a number of institutions, referred to as colleges. Students are enrolled in a path of general education until their second year, when they would then choose to either remain at the Lady's College or move into one of the specialist colleges. Foclucan is the exception to this, as bardic training is intensive and must be started at the earliest possible time. Students of Foclucan begin there and have increasing access to University courses as their training progresses.

In theory, each of the Colleges is led by a headmaster who takes the title of Magus appropriate for the specialization for that school - Magus Abjurer for the College of Abjuration, Magus Necromancer for the College of Necromancy and the like. Currently, however, not all of the Colleges have someone capable of laying claim to that title. As a result, Vihuel, the dean of admissions, acts as the de facto headmaster of those Colleges. Additionally, Foclucan maintains a Council of Masters rather than a single headmaster.

Most instructors are technically affiliated with the Lady's College and invariably teach classes among the various colleges. Some instructors, however, only teach for their respective schools. These instructors tend to be specialist wizards of that college (or bards, in the case of Foclucan).

College of Abjuration
· Hall: The Lady's Playhouse Annex
· Magus Abjurer: Uoundeld

Tracks of Study
Abjurative Focus
Abjurative Mastery
Wards, Glyphs & Sigils
Magical Fields
Thaumaturgical Disruption & Dispelling
Planar Defenses & Bulwarks

College of Conjuration
· Hall: The Cock and Hound
· Magus Conjurer: Rordai Erebel (LN male human Sor9/Sum3)

Tracks of Study
Conjurative Focus
Conjurative Mastery
Trans-planar Convocations
Genesis of Matter & Energy
Interplay of Positive & Negative Energies
Apportation & Summoning

College of Divination
· Hall: Tower of Balance
· Magus Diviner: Vihuel

Tracks of Study
Divinatory Focus
Divinatory Mastery
Identification of Magical Auras & Properties
Perusal of Sentience and Spirit

College of Enchantment
· Hall: The Great Garden
· Magus Enchanter: Paol Tirin Sionhaehr

Tracks of Study
Enchantment Focus
Enchantment Mastery
Fascination & Allure
Domination & Compulsion

College of Evocation
· Hall: The Evocatorium
· Magus Evoker: Arken the Icy (NG human male Evo12)

Tracks of Study
Evocative Focus
Evocative Mastery
Lightning Magics & Electricity
Dweomers of Sound
Corrosive & Dissolutive Sorceries
Imperceptible Forces
Vagaries of Light & Darkness

College of Illusion
· Hall: The Twinkling Dome
· Magus Illusionist: Bricia Glimmereye (CG gnome female Wiz12 - Illusionist)

Tracks of Study
Illusory Focus
Illusory Mastery
False Sensation & Experience
Glamoury & Pishogue
Deception of Sentience
Projection of Mental Imagery
Umbral Mastery
Discernment & Awareness of Illusory Patterns

College of Necromancy
· Hall: Dargenfest Hall
· Magus Necromancer: Vihuel

Tracks of Study
Necromantic Focus
Necromantic Mastery
Interplay of Positive & Negative Energies
Ethereal and Astral Entities
Ethics of Necromancy

College of Transmutation
· Hall: Hartuk Hall
· Magus Transmuter: Miresk

Tracks of Study
Transmutational Focus
Transmutational Mastery
Wholesale Transmutations
Essence Shifting
Size and Mass Alteration

College of Bardcraft
· Hall: Foclucan
· Master's Council: Cael Mueller (performance), Chraessa Lurien (winds), Emery Oaksun (strings), Evressa Nightingale (voice), Fashael Sunspinner (magic), Reginald Valurian (composition), Vrajk Scorlsun (lore)

Tracks of Study
Ancient and Modern Lore
Musical Instrument Construction and Care
Music & Magic
Music & Emotion
The Seven Bardic Traditions


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