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  University Faculty and Staff

The University boasts a number of famous and talented faculty and staff members. Tenures range from temporary instructors to lifelong appointments. One finds an assortment of retired adventurers, sheltered academics and bureaucrats here, and while the pay is low and students frustrating, most acknowledge that they are happy. Among them are:

Magus Senior- Miresk the Thaumaturgist (NG human male Wiz17/Acm3): As well known for his dedication to the Art as for his haughty attitude, Miresk's presence has brought instant credibility and fame to the new University. Although he disagrees with the "undisciplined" focus of the Lady's College, he remains dedicated to the cause of the University and safeguards it against those who would undermine or dilute its interests.

Dean of Admissions- Vihuel (NG human male Wiz20): Vihuel is an elderly mage that retains his vibrancy and energy. He fully believes in the idea of the University and often takes on more tasks than anyone thinks he can handle. He currently serves as interim headmaster of the colleges of Necromancy and Divination in addition to his administrative duties.

Head Librarian- Merty the Reader (NG human male Wiz5): Merty is a diligent and pedantic man, given to long periods of isolation and study. It was one of these periods that he formed the theory that drove him to found the Readers of Infinity. So far his involvement in their plots has not interfered with his ability to carry out the duties of Head Librarian.

Magus Abjurer- Uoundeld (NG half-elven male Wiz15/Ftr4): One of the famed Brothers Aerasumé, Uoundeld has been an instructor at the Lady's College for many years. A combat mage like his brothers, he specializes in tactical spellcasting and magical writings. He currently teaches the following courses: Spell Tactics & Strategy, Cognition & Memory, Literature & Music, and Calligraphy & Spell Transcription.

Magus Conjurer- Rordai Erebel (LN male human Sor9/Sum3): One of the least liked teachers among the faculty, Rordai is an Amnian mage who specializes in summoning creatures. He is fond of summoning different creatures to fight for his pleasure, a practice that most of the other faculty members detest. Still, his prowess and knowledge of his school of magic are unsurpassed in the North. So, the University overlooks his quirks, even the use of the arena-style tavern, The Cock and Hound, as his college's training ground. He established this Goodman's District tavern upon his arrival in Silverymoon, and holds regular fights for his appreciative audience. The city's authorities have overlooked this practice as long as he uses nothing but summoned creatures.

Magus Enchanter- Paol Tirin Sionhaehr (LG elf male Wiz18): Master Paol Tirin Sionaer is the elven second-in-command of the Lady's College. Not much is known about this man outside his dedication to the University and his tireless work to ensure the diversity of its student body. He is known for his careful diligence in teaching Spellcrafting Theorums, Alchemy, and Laboratory Techniques.

Magus Evoker- Arken the Icy (NG human male Evo12): Arken is one of the most famous wizards of the North, having run one of the oldest schools of magic in Silverymoon for over a hundred years. Despite his age, he remains a vital and energetic teacher. He thoroughly enjoys teaching his students to lob fireballs and craft walls of ice from thin air. Some think his enthusiasm is beginning to border on insanity, but those that have known him throughout his years know that he has always been a little loose with his spells of mass destruction.

Magus Illusionist- Bricia Glimmereye (CG gnome female Ill12): This diminutive professor was coerced into taking the position as the head of the College of Illusion when she lost a bet with her good friend Vihuel. Already overworked, Vihuel was not looking forward to another year as headmaster of this college. He wagered that he could see through even the greatest of Bricia's illusions. Details are sketchy about the challenge as it was played out in front of a private audience at a party in the home of Miresk the Thaumaturgist. All that is known is that Vihuel was declared the winner and Bricia took her position at the University the following year.

Instructor- Tantyssa Sortann (N elven female Wiz6): Mistress Tantyssa is a woman jealous of her power and authority. She is the most severe of the masters, and students loathe to find they have her as an instructor. She currently teaches History & Culture and Spellcrafting Theorems.

Instructor- Seria (LG human female Sor8): Mistress Seria is a stern woman, though fair and kind unlike Mistress Tantyssa. She is somewhat matronly and tends to get more emotionally involved with her students than the other faculty members. She teaches Metaphysics, Ethics of Wizardry, and Meditation.

Instructor- Rhomtal (NG human male Wiz4): A short-tempered but brilliant man, Rhomtal is responsible for teaching Linguistics, History & Culture, and Astrology.

Instructor- Resendast (LG human male Wiz9): Master Resendast is an elderly, balding mage given to bouts of melancholy. Nonetheless he holds an honored place in the Lady's College for his staunch dedication to teaching Metaphysics, Linguistics, History & Culture, Meditation, and Cognition & Memory.

Instructor- Gwyffral Hanyk (CG human male Exp11/Wiz4): This manic (some say insane) instructor is known for blackening the skin of many a student with his wild experiments and class work. He can often be seen pacing the grounds of the Lady's College talking to himself and gesturing frantically. He frighteningly teaches Alchemy and Laboratory Techniques.

Instructor- Tygg Adryl (CG dwarven male Sor12/Exp4): Tygg was one of the first Thunder Children to reveal his innate talents to the Dwarven community of Underhome. Since that time he has enjoyed near celebrity status both under and around Silverymoon. He never abandoned his father's trade, though he did take many years off to learn to better harness the energies he found within himself. He now holds an esteemed position at the Lady's College teaching General and Metallurgical Enstarment.

Instructor- Betynnia of the Staves (CG elven female Wiz12/Exp3): Mistress Betynnia is one of the most mysterious instructors at the college, and she likes it that way. She teaches her classes in a small corner of the Silver Glen (a forested shrine to Silvanus near the High Palace) and often mixes religious messages in with her lectures. She is very close to her elven heritage, and each year the pull to leave Faerun for Evermeet grows stronger within her. For now she is content to spread the word of Silvanus and teach Sceptral Enstarment to the students of the University.


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