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Runestone Bandolier
Cost 15 gp, Weight 6 lbs (full)
This handy item was also based off the gnomish tool bandoliers, though the Dwarves would never admit this fact. This bandolier allows a runecaster to keep several activated runestones at the ready for ease of use. The bandolier holds 4 runestones in place by means of small latches that are loosened by the application of pressure to the stone being held. Retrieving a runestone from a bandolier is a free action. The bandolier hangs from shoulder to hip and two pouches (including spell component pouches) can be hung from the hip.

Spell Component Bandolier
Cost 10 gp, Weight 4 lbs (full)
A gnomish innovation, the bandolier is based off the design of the gnomish tool bandoliers. In this case, however, the bandolier holds a number of small pockets perfect for the storing of spell components. The bandolier holds 40 units of material components (see Appendix II for optional material component rules) at the ready. The bandolier hangs from shoulder to hip and two pouches (including spell component pouches) can be hung from the hip.

Spell Component Pouch
Cost 5 gp, Weight 3 lbs (full)
As described in the PHB, a spell component pouch is a small, watertight leather pouch with numerous compartments and pockets for the storing of spell components. Each of the basic component pouches contains enough material components to cast 20 spells requiring material components, as long as the components don't have a listed cost. Each time a spell is cast that requires such material components, a single "unit" is used.

Spell Component Sashling
Cost 15 gp, Weight 1 lb (full)
The sashling is an elven innovation that has found its way into the hands of the rest of the world. Made up of a wide sash of sturdy cloth, it contains a number of small, handy pockets on the inside of the belt, perfect for storing small items like coins or spell components. Those who search someone wearing a sashling must make a Search roll (DC 18) in order to spot the compartments on the belt; it is much harder (DC 28) to discern that a belt is actually a sashling by sight alone. A sashling can hold 10 units of material components, in addition to functioning as a normal belt for hanging other pouches upon it (including other spell component pouches).

Spell Scribe's Kit
Cost 500 gp, Weight 1 lb.
This kit consists of various special inks, quills, nibs, waxes, illuminating utensils and other advanced tools used in the recording of spells into spellbooks. This kit is simply a collection of the above materials. Many also purchase an actual waterproof kit to store these materials in (costing 5gp). Each spell scribe's kit has ten units of materials - scribing a spell takes up a number of units equal to its level, plus one. Cantrips take up but one unit.


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