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  Merik Thornridge
Owner of the Sealost Lass Festhall (LN male human F5)

History: Merik is originally from Luskan, where at a young age he joined an unlucky band of adventurers known as the Company of Midnight. The group had recently lost a number of its members chasing legends of a lost city deep within the Lurkwood and was looking for fresh recruits. Shortly after joining, they began an expedition to search the coastal areas for sunken pirate ships and lost treasures. After overcoming a clan of marine scrags on one expedition, the Company of Midnight discovered just such a bounty.

Rich beyond his belief, Merik chose to retire from the Company, who he felt got lucky and were as incompetent as ever. Merik used his share of the treasure to found a treasure hunting company based on the island of his birth. The company was named the Thornridge Expedition Company. Through Tymora's kiss or just good work, Merik's company continued to find treasure, further expanding his own coffers. During an expedition to find the lost elven citadels in the Moondark Mountains, Merik found the remains of a galleon. Much of the hull of the ship was still in good repair, as was the figurehead. Looking to branch out into other business ventures, Merik decided to build a festhall, using the remains of the ship as its foundation. Merik chose the build the festhall in Silverymoon's Old City Ward, which he had visited during his time as an adventurer.

The Arcane Brotherhood had been keeping tabs on Merik and his operation for some time, and after he finished building of the Lass they approached him with a proposition. In return for subsidizing his rather comfortable lifestyle, Merik would allow the Brotherhood to use the Lass as a waystop and meeting place on the continent. Merik accepted this agreement and continues to prosper in all of his ventures, although he is fearful that the Knights in Silver have caught on to the Brotherhood's presence as of late, causing him to reconsider his alliance with the group.

Appearance: : One look at Merik is enough to discern that he was not meant for the life of a fighter. He stands just under 5'9" tall and weighs barely over 140 pounds. He has a nicely trimmed beard that is just beginning to gain a salt and pepper color to it. He dresses nicely, but not garishly, and is always at the height of fashion. He is never seen without his gold and onyx ring of mind shielding on his right hand.

Personality: Merik is a cautious individual who does not invite inquiries into his personal affairs. While he has a number of female companions, none of them have caught his eye as a potential wife. He has come to love Silverymoon and would do nothing to risk what he's earned in respect (and money) by living there. He is nervous that should he back out of his relationship with the Arcane Brotherhood that he will become a target. He has accumulated a powerful circle of friends to protect him should the Arcane Brotherhood attempt to move against him.

Although he has not considered an alliance with the city government, he has recently begun filtering information to the authorities about activities in Luskan. He uses the Lass as a rumor mill from which to distribute this information, and he is very careful not to let the rumors be traced back to him.

Merik Thornridge: SZ: M; HD: 5d10+5; hp: 43; Init: +1; Spd: 30; AC: 17 (+7 half plate mail armor); Att: bastard sword, masterwork +6 (1d10), composite longbow +6 (1d8); SV: Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +3; Str 10, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 17, Wis 14, Cha 16; AL: LN; Skills: Appraise +7, Diplomacy +7, Gather Information +7, Profession (Entrepreneur) +8, Ride +5, Swim +4; Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword), Far Shot, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Skill Focus (Profession), Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword)


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